Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Midnight Snack and Surfing

Although well ignored by the live-healthy fraternity, a midnight snack is an important part of the day (err...night) for me. It's the time to indulge yourself...reward yourself for all the hard work which you're upto. This spread below saved me on a long night of research work last week.

Simple Spread for Midnight Workers Club:
A cup of milk
Fresh figs
Fruit bun with orange marmalade

Eat well. Work hard.

[Image: Snigdha Manchanda Binjola]


  1. Wish you were here to make this for me while I studied in the night.

  2. Thanks Gargi! Isn't this a nice change from the countless Maggi's we've eaten while staying up. Not to forget tomato soup with extra butter. Pure sin!

    Somya, I really hope so too! I wish some technology comes up to make that happen from a remote location. Engineers, any hope?

  3. Hungry, Deepak? Yes, I think that's the effect of this pic on all.

  4. Very eye-catching picture-I love it! And I am totally with you about midnight-snacking! It is an important meal for me too...:) And orange marmalade sounds yummie...