Thursday, October 28, 2010

Adrak Tulsi Ice Cream

The moment I read it on the menu, I imagined a little kid with a runny nose pleading his mom to let him have the "Adrak Tulsi" ice cream. Actually, the kid was me- most of my growing years I avoided eating ice cream due to my on and off affair with sinus. I truly wished they had this flavor back then. Would've made the perfect excuse for me :)

Zero degrees, the third ice cream parlour which opened up in my locality (after Kwality Swirls and Gokul Ice Cream) carries this flavor. The store proudly announces that you're in for an ice cream treat from Rajkot.

Second scoop we brought back home: Adrak Tulsi and Rose Petals Ice-Cream
The guy at the counter first let us taste a few flavors, when the cashier announced in his strong regional Gujju accent that this will be our last tasting. The counter guy meekly points out to the handwritten note which says "Tasting not allowed." By then, we had tasted Adrak-Tulsi, Rose Petals, Gems and Jelly, Butterscotch, Black Currant, Litchi, Paan and Choco Blast (pretty much in the same order). I totally avoid chocolate when there is so much more choice. So I went on to try the Adrak-Tulsi, while Mr. B picked on Rose petals with cashews. Slowly and gradually as my ice cream melted and I relished every bit of the Tulsi leaves and Adrak slivers, the cashier's babbling in the background became fainter and distant. He stopped only when we handed out the monies to him. In any other case I would've cribbed about the poor service, but today I just didn't care. After the ice cream, I could've forgiven Satan in his place as well!

Roundup: Adrak-Tulsi and Rose Petal- must try. If you're a Tutti-Fruitti fan, go for Gems and Jelly. Pay the guy first for a carefree ice-cream eating experience. No regrets guaranteed!

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