Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baked Vada Pav!

Now that we have a Baked Vada Pav, imagine how upset the MNS will be! This little wonder is actually the potato mix of batata vada enveloped in a bun. Sounds simple; but the experience of biting into one is far from ordinary. You hold a nicely rounded bun which only reveals the magic after the first bite. The entire time you keep comparing the experience to a Kachori or to the yummy mix in a masala dosa. A must try for both baking enthusiasts and local flavor lovers!

I was so glad to have discovered this on a long journey back home from Chembur. I just didn't want to stop at a Barista or CCD and kept my eyes glued for locals cafe's when I found Ambrosia at Diamond Garden, Chembur. They have some other interesting breads and bakes too which I hopefully get to explore next time I'm around.

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