Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Roobois Tea: Storm in my Tea Cupboard

Imagine the storm in my tea cupboard when the new Roobois tea arrived from Sweden. If my teas could come alive at midnight, they would have surely given Mr. Roobios a tough time for grabbing all my attention.

Roobois literally means "Red Bush"
Roobois infused with orange, cactus and those big chunks are liquorice root

 Thank you Lova for sending me tea love. Native to South Africa, roobois is used as traditional medicine to cure digestive and dermatological ailments. I learn it's popular among the health-conscious tea lovers for its rich in antioxidants and flavanols. This particular roobois that I received was infused with orange, cactus and liquorice making it a truly unique brew. Yes, cactus. It was a refreshing change for my tea palette. While I love my classic teas, it's these exotic twists that add spice to my everyday tea time experience.

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  1. Do we get this tea anywhere in Mumbai, would be good to try it out! I myself am a total tea-lover!
    Just blogged abt Tea on my blog too!