Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Storytelling in Social Media at Kalaghoda Arts Festival 2011

If we look closer, each life event has a story to tell, a lesson to learn. On my way back home from the "Storytelling in Social Media" workshop I conducted at Kalaghoda this year, I couldn’t help thinking about the wonderful stories each participant carried within themselves, oblivious to the potential of these living stories.

Through my series of workshop on Storytelling I aspire not only to teach businesses about power of narratives; but also train the common eye to catch a shooting story.

Read my notes from the Kalaghoda workshop

View Picture Story of the Kalaghoda workshop 

 In case you missed the workshop, but are keen on learning more about “Storytelling in Social Media”, I’d be happy to share some of my notes from the session. Please connect with me via www.about.me/snigdha

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