Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cupcakes, Graphic Recipes and Yvette Van Boven

Cupcakes are invited to all the best birthday parties. So true! Cakes are a given at a birthday party but with cupcakes, the cake goes personal. As a kid I wasn't very happy at getting "a piece of cake". I was happier having a simple cupcake finding solace in the fact that I have the whole cup "cake" to myself. I am still as selfish when it comes to a cupcake.

Yvette's blog is full of such visual foodie delights. (She even has a font to her name!) Her illustrated recipes are much more than A Dummies Guide to Cooking. I hope she has a cookbook mapped on her hectic calendar. I can imagine it being full of such lovely graphic recipes:

Even as a food stylist her work goes beyond the ordinary. Like the make-up cake for Elle's 20th birthday. I'm hooked on to this one. To know more about Yvette's work, visit http://yvettevanboven.blogspot.com/

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  1. HEY! How nice Snigdha!
    I just found your message on my blog (I must have missed it, silly!)
    Thank you for quoting me!
    The cookbook is almost finished, but it will be in Dutch first...


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