Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Coming to the last few hours of an eventful weekend I think about the beauty of simple things around me. Take for instance this lovely flowering plant (as above) which is the latest entry in our window garden. Simplicity is a value I treasure the most. At my previous workplace where I was involved in defining the company values, I was strongly vouching to include "Aesthetics" along with the regulars such as 'Integrity'.  A long discussion ensued around aesthetics. We weren't a design company. We wanted to keep the spirit of aesthetics but not use the word as such. Soon enough we all agreed on altering it to "Simplicity"! It worked for us. 

When in chaos, pause, simplify the situation around you. Be graceful in your thoughts and solutions will come. Success of a solution lies in the simplicity of the solution. Think about it. Hope you had a relaxing weekend just like me. See you on Monday with a fresh new week!


  1. Hi Snigdha! It's great to meet another food blogger from Mumbai. You have a lovely site.

  2. Those flowers are so bright and sunny! love them..