Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reaching Out

This morning had me organizing my inbox when I found this poem I had written in October 2006. This happens very often when I look through my old stuff- look for something and you find something else. Fortunately this one had me feeling like a trophy winner!

I don't remember the exact mood or moment when I must have written this...but it does reflect some shades of fear. Fear of something afar, fear of something slipping away. Today I smile, and as everything surrounding this poem continues to evade me, I wonder if I made the journey to what, at that time, seemed- so far away.

Reaching Out

I can see my rainbow even in the dark
But today I fear i might not reach that far
Its far away
I'm trying to be the face in the mirror
Who knew this part would be the toughest to play
I dig myself to pour me out
To cast myself in the earthly ways
But today i fear i might not reach that far
Its far away
Two paths, too near, to wash out my fear,
To take me away from a cage of peers,
Bring in some tears to fill in my heart
Reach out to those who will now part
But today I fear I might not reach that far
Its far away

© Snigdha Manchanda Binjola

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