Friday, April 9, 2010

Reflexology by Visually Impaired Therapists @Metta Foot Spa

“Fifth lamp post when you take the right” Fifth lamp post? I was confused. I have never heard any directions like that in Mumbai. Enter Pali Village and I see five posts of time- each with its own unique character from a different era. I should've guessed they aren't going to be the usual lamp posts. For anyone who knows Pali Hill, Pali Naka and so on...Pali Village is a revelation; but little did I know more surprises awaited us at Metta Foot Spa. First step in and I see a group of bubbly visually impaired friends greet us, urging us to go up to the reception. We climb up a fleet of stairs and reach the reception greeted by John (who had 10% visibility- highest among the others. Hence, he was assigned to the reception. It was impossible to guess that John too was visually impaired until Joanita told us about it when we were leaving. )

It is said that when you lose one sense, your other senses become stronger. After experiencing it first hand, I no longer take this as a saying alone. My therapist, Pallavi who travels 2 hrs from Mankhurd to get here every day is well versed with all the nuances of reflexology and traditions of a regular spa. Her expertise reflected in her simple touch. After cleansing my feet with a hot towel she wraps one up in a traditional Thai manner while she kneads the other. At one point I yelp and she announces that this the sinus point which is hurting you. After 5 days of cold and cough, I couldn’t agree more. She remains focused on my sinus points while maintaining that it will offer me relief. Over the next one hour she plays different tunes on my legs, back, shoulders, hands and head. All this with some soothing music in the background.

What started out as a reaction to a tweet I read, went on to become the best spa experience I've ever had. “Pampering yourself is good but doing it for a noble cause only makes it better.”  This is one indulgence which offers no guilt at all. 

I called in to make an appointment for three of us- the usual suspects- me, Amrita and Gargi and the number went up to five when we managed to rope in Nikhil and Saurin as well. During our sessions- Nikhil went on a spiritual trip, Amrita-the tickly one- went berserk laughing. I joined in too until Joanita sent her to another room to manage the situation. (She remarked that she has never heard so much laughter during a session and the other therapists were wondering what was going on upstairs!) Gargi and Saurin clasped their hands tightly containing the surge of energy from the pressure points. Their therapist asked them to bear the pain so that it helps in blood circulation. They looked like two little school children trying very hard to maintain silence in the class.

After the sessions ended Joanita shared the story of her journey to Metta Foot Spa. I'm not giving it away. Hear it all from the horse’s mouth- please visit Metta Foot Spa and do spread the word around. Also Joanita is looking for a place in the suburbs. If you have some place in mind, please do discuss with her. In the past one year of their existence the spa has commissioned no publicity/promotions. The least we thought we could do is help her set up a Facebook Fan Page. More postings coming up here soon. 

Experience Metta (Loving compassion):
To make an appointment, call 9870719923

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