Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thorns in my Throat- A Poem in Progress

Digging up old treasures is a certain high. Another dive and I come up with a half crumpled note dated 2007. I clearly remember the crazy day at work when I wrote this, exasperated. You'll know why I celebrate the thrill of of my own randomness today. I'm tempted to add more to it each time I read it. This one surely is a poem in progress!

I got thorns in my throat.
Nomad syrup? I spot promote.
Try to exercise but my mind.
It's working on its own design.

Someday this drum will stop to roll.
Pick me up- like ramen from a bowl.
I can fix this. There's no doubt.
A teapot with a broken spout.

Swim through this day in misery.
With a blue jar of green tea.
I want it to rain. Clear all, lest my panes re-frame.
Drizzle now now. Soothe my thorny throat again.

© Snigdha Manchanda Binjola

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